Strengthening of Mathematics and Science Education (SMASE) programme

The overall development of any nation depends on the level of its acquisition and application of the knowledge of Science and Technology. It is with this in mind that the Federal Government of Nigeria in partnership with the Japanese Government setup the SMASE Programme in Nigeria for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians.

NTI is mandated to setup an International Standard Training centre, organize / co-ordinate the trainings nation-wide and liaise with the relevant Governments, Ministries, Institutes and Agencies for the smooth execution of the SMASE programme.

SMASE is a GROUP training on the aquisition of special skills and methodologies for the teaching of Mathematics and Science Education. It is a "TRAIN THE TRAINER" Course whereby the participants are trained in NTI and are expected to go back to their individual states to serve as trainers to other teachers.

Any Education Authority that does not have competent Mathematics / Science Teachers in its domain, is doomed to perfectual educational and/or technological backwardness