Pivotal Teachers' Training Programme (pttp)

The Pivotal Teachers' Training Programme is a special O-Level grade teaching Course that is meant to equipt the unqualified teachers in our Primary / Junior secondary Schools with the BASIC TEACHING SKILLS necessary to assist in the achievement of the objectives of the Universal Basic Education (UBE).

The N.C.E. Certificate has been proclaimed as the MINIMUM Qualification for Teaching in our Schools. However, the duration of the NCE Course is 3 to 4 years. In order to immediately equipt the large number of the unqualified teachers in our public schools with the basic teaching skills, the Federal Government mandated NTI to resuscitate the PTTP which is just a one year Teachers' Professional Course pending their acquisition of the NCE Qualification.

PTTP, the shortest and most cost-effective way for the conversion of unqualified Primary school Teachers to full professionalism